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Adrienne Segur: List of Published works

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Adrienne Segur list of publications in French, with thumbnails

Chronological List of Publications of Adrienne Segur

[Translator's Note: This list is incomplete -- see Adrienne Segur gallery for a list that includes other items. --XA]

Maurois,Andre. The Country of 36 Thousand Wishes. 1929. English editon: MacMillan. American: Appleton

Three volumes written and illustrated by Adrienne Segur: Les Aventures de Cotonnet, 1930. Then Cotonnet Aviateur, 1932 (dedicated to ARman Marquiset) and Cotonnet en Amerique.

Translation into English for Beyond the Blue Sierra, by R.W. Morron, Rieder, 1934.

From 1936 to 1939: Adrienne Segur was director of the children page of the daily Le Figaro. She produced the illustrations.

Segur, Adrienne, The Bear Parfu tells.... Aux trois soleils, 1946.

Segur, Adrienne. A very small pig went to school. A story by Professor Pic. La Table Ronde, 1946.

Carroll, Lewis. Alice in Wonderland. Flammarion, 1949.

Perrault, Aulnoy (Madame d'), Le Prince de Beaumont, Once Upon a Time (The Fairy Tale Book), 1951. Flammarion.

Nodier, Charles, History of a Brisquet Dog, 1951. Sudel.

Participation in Souls of Beasts,1952. Chez Denoel.

Hoffman, Story of a Nutcracker, 1953. Flammarion.

Grimm, Anderson, Troyat (Henri). The Snow Queen, 1955. Flammarion.

Anderson, Hans Christian. Ib and Christine and Other Stories, 1958. Flammarion.

Cover of Les Companions of the Song Sing the Memories of my Childhood, 1959. Nouvelle Mercure.

Troyat, H.; Supervielle, J.; and Goudge, E. La Rose de Noel, 1962. Flammarion.

Collection, The Book of Enchanted Beasts, 1965. Flammarion.

Collection, The Cat Jeremy and Other Tales, 1965. Flammarion.

Anderson, Hans Christian. The Red Shoes, 1966. Flammarion.

Collection, the Golden Bird, 1970. Flammarion.

Kervyn, Simone, The Legende of Venice, 1973. The book is dedicated to Adrienne Segur. Flammarion.

With Maggie Salcedo (?), The Gray House Across the Street.

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