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Robinson Crusoe

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List of Robinson Crusoe Illustrations

Robinson Cruesoe Title

Robinson Crusoe and his Father

On a Deserted Island

Robinson Erects a Sign

Terrified and Dejected

Reading Scripture to His Cat

Harvesting Barley and Rice

A Smaller Canoe

Harvesting Barley and Rice

A Smaller Canoe

Unexpected Alarm

Robinson Spies Savages

Robinson Meet Friday

Robinson and Friday Build a Canoe

Attacked by Savages


Robinson Crusoe

by Daniel Defoe

with illustrations by N.C. Wyeth

I inherited Robinson Crusoe from my sister before I could read. I remember that I was looking forward to being able to read it myself. My sister, who is 14 years older than I am, often read it to me. I didn't understand the words, but N.C. Wyeth's illustrations took me there. The book itself was old then. I think it was given to my sister by our mother's cousin Sadie Hill, a rather eccentric and outspoken woman when I met her.

I still have and treasure that edition of Robinson Crusoe. Here is the full original text of Robinson Crusoe, with illustrations by N. C. Wyeth. The chapter divisions came later, but are included here for readability.

List of Chapters

Chapter 1: Robinson's Family -- His Elopment from his Parents

Chapter 2: First Adventures at Sea

Chapter 3: Captivity at Sallee

Chapter 4: Another Voyage and is Shipwrecked

Chapter 5: Robinson Finds Himself on a Desolate Island

Chapter 6: Dreariness of Solitude

Chapter 7: Reckoning Time

Chapter 8: Robinson's Journal

Chapter 9: Illness and Affliction

Chapter 10: Recovery and Comfort

Chapter 11:Tour to Explore His Island

Chapter 12: Return to Cave

Chapter 13: Pottery and Bread

Chapter 14: Builds a Canoe

Chapter 15: Attempts to Cruise Round the Island

Chapter 16: Increasing Prosperity

Chapter 17: Unexpected Alarm

Chapter 18: Precautions Against Surprise

Chapter 19: Robinson Discovers a Cave

Chapter 20: Another Visit of the Savages

Chapter 21: A Remarkable Dream

Chapter 22: Friday

Chapter 23: Civilizing Friday

Chapter 24: Robinson and Friday Build a Canoe

Chapter 25: Release of a Spaniard, Friday Discovers his Father

Chapter 26: Robinson Discovers Himself to the English Captain

Chapter 27: Robinson Leaves the Island