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About Adrienne Segur

Adrienne Ségur is at the center of Art Passions because my lifelong love of fairy tales began with the illustrations to The Fairy Tale Book by Adrienne Segur. It has been republished as The Golden Book of Fairy Tales. If you know the original book, you will find that the colors are close, but not an exact match. The Fairy Tale Book images here are come from my own copy that I have kept since I was a girl.

Adrienne Segur is often confused with the Comtesse de Segur, but the Comtesse de Segur was born in 1799 and died in 1874, more a quarter century before Adrienne Ségur was born in 1901. The title page of the American edition of Misha, the Little Brown Bear says the author is the "Countess Adrienne Segur". Moreover, the American edition of Misha (1932) is dedicated to H.R.H. Princess Elisabeth of Greece.

List of Adrienne Segur Illustrations

On this page, you will find links to illustrations by Adrienne Segur for the following books:

Alice in Wonderland

The Fairy Tale Book

La Rose de Noel

The Nutcracker

Ib and Christine

L'Enfant et Les Sortileges

My Big Book of Cat Stories

The Red Shoes

The Snow Queen and Other Stories

The Golden Bird

Cotonnet Aviateur

Misha, the Little Brown Bear

Biographical Information and Photos of Adrienne Segur

Adrienne Segur advertisement done for Van Cleef and Arpels

I have put together some biographical information and photos of Adrienne Segur. The translation is mine. Be nice.

Index of biography pages with cover photo.

Birth and marriage

Evolution of Style

Relationship with Flammarion


List of Published Works

End pieces

The Fairy Tale Book

The Wild Swans illustration by Adrienne Segur

Some, but not all, of these illustrations also appear in Il Etait une Fois (the French edition, and in Knaurs Tiermarchen (the German edition), and Le Livre des Bêtes Enchantées

Sleeping Beauty (1 of 2)

Sleeping Beauty (2 of 2)

The Frog Princess


Kuzma and the Fox

Puss in Boots

Thumbelina (1 of 3)

Thumbelina (2 of 3)

Thumbelina (3 of 3)

Green Snake

The Tinder Box


Kip the Enchanted Cat

Grace and Derek

Urashima and the Turtle


The Wild Swans

Hans and the Striped Cat

Little Red Riding Hood

The White Deer

Beauty and the Beast


Queen Cat (not the same illustration

as in My Big Book of Cats)

Cowlick Ricky

The Seven Crow Princes


The Royal Ram

Bright, Deardeer, and Kit (1 of 3)

Bright, Deardeer, and Kit (2 of 3)

Bright, Deardeer, and Kit (3 of 3)

Dawn the Golden Haired

Finn the Keen Falcon

L'Oiseau D'or (The Golden Bird)

The Christmas of the Little Apple

Vassilissa La Belle - 1 (Vassilissa the Beautiful 1)

Vassilissa La Belle - 2 (Vassilissa the Beautiful 2)

La Mere Qui Chante, Le Pomme Qui Daube, et L'Oisillon Qui Dit Tout (The Mother who Sings, the Apple that Stinks, and the Fledgling that Tells All)

La Petite Vielle de la Fôret (The Little Old Woman in the Forest)

Les Douze Mois (The 12 Months)

Neigeblanche et Roserouge (Snow White and Rose Red)

Frerot et Soeurette (Little Brother and Sister)

Les Trois Petits Hommes de la Fôret (The Three Little Men in the Forest)

Yorinde et Yoringue (Yorinde and Yoringue)

Le Chat, Le Moineau, et Le Petit Bonhomme (The Cat, the Sparrow, and the Little Gentleman)

Unoeil, Deuxyeaux, Troisyeaux (Oneeye, Twoeyes, Threeeyes)

L'Oiseau D'Or (The Golden Bird 1)

L'Oiseau D'Or (The Golden Bird 2)

Grain D'Aile (Grain of the Wing)

Le Noel de Petite Pomme (The Christmas of Little Apple)

Le Prince Charmant (The Charming Prince)

Le Loup de Catherine (Catherine's Wolf)

Philippine et Le Joeur de Luth (Philippine and the Lute Player)

Le Marriage du Cordonnier (The Marriage of the Shoemaker)

Histoire d'un Petit Oiseau Reconnaissant (The Story of a Grateful Little Bird)

Other Books Illustrationed by Adrienne Segur

Un Tout Petit Cochon S'en Allait a L'Ecole (coming soon)

Le Pays de Trente-Six Mille Volontes (coming soon)

Les Aventures de Cotonnet

Histoire d'un Casse-Noisette un conte d'Hoffmann (same illustrations as Nutcracker)

Cotonnet en Amerique (coming soon)

Cigognes d'Alsace (coming soon/)

La Maison Grise en Face (color plates by Maggie Salcedo, black and white drawings in the text by Adrienne Ségur)

About Art Passions

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The Fairy Tale Book is out of print but has been reprinted as The Golden Book of Fairy Tales and is available The Golden Book of Fairy Ta les. It has all the illustrations and the pages are the same size. The paper is not quite as thick and has a different quality. The colors are not not the same as the original; they are closer to those in Le Livre des Bêtes Enchantées.

The Snow Queen and Other Tales has been reprinted and is available at Amazon.

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