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Fairy Art Images
Fairy, Fey, Faery - It's all about fairies

What's here?: Fairy art, but also Fairy Fonts, Fairy Books, Fairy Posters and Fairy Backgrounds, and links to Fairy Necessities. Not all the fairies fit on this page, so check out the uncataloged fairies, and the individual artists pages also.

Specializing in Victorian, Golden Age, and Preraphaelite fairies but no good fairies are turned away here. Fairy poetry and and introduction to fairy lore. Titania (Queen of the Fairies), La Belle Dame Sans Merci, and fairies from traditional fairy tales.

Fairies, Fairy Art and ...

  • This page: You will find links to the various fairy art galleries on this page (by artist or era). They represent an attempt to classify fairies, something everyone knows is impossible. New additions are also on this page.
  • Fairy Page 2: Uncataloged fairies are now in the fairy gallery.
  • Artists Pages: There are fairies almost everywhere. Follow the links below to the individual artist pages where you will find even more fairies.

    Fairy Artists

    Dulac Fairies: Fairy and fairy tale images are included in the illustrations of Edmund Dulac: Edmund Dulac Fairies. Also see Fairy and Fairy Tale art by Edmund Dulac (and some different images from the previous link).

    Edmund Dulac Elves and Fairies Edmund Dulac Beauty and the Beast Edmund Dulac - Ariel, A Midsummer Night's Dream

    Rackham Fairies!: Arthur Rackham's fairies from Peter Pan, the Fairy Tale books, Comus, and elsewhere. Also see Fairy by Arthur Rackham (with many different images from the previous link).

    Arthur Rackham fairies from A Midsummer Night's Dream Titiana by Arthur Rackham Exquisite Fairy Dancing from Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens by Arthur Rackham

    Warwick Goble: Fairies and other fantasy Warwick Goble's illustrations to Water Babies and more. Also see Fairy Tale by Warwick Goble (Some additional images from the previous link).

    Warwick Goble, Hop o' My Thumb Zenobia, Queen of Palmyria by Warwick Goble Warwick Goble, Milton's Son

    Sulamith Wulfing: Fairies, angels and other haunting works by Sulamith Wulfing. Also see Art by Sulamith Wulfing (Some additional images from the previous link).

    You can find my instructions for psanky (Ukrainian easter eggs), like those shown in the image below on my personal pages.

    Sulamith Wulfing, Easter Candles Sulamith Wulfing, Blue Calyx Sulamith Wulfing, Warning

    Flower Fairies: Cicely Mary Barker's Flower Fairies.

    Cicely Mary Barker, Flower Fairies

    Adrienne Segur: Adrienne Segur's fairies from The Fairy Tale Book and other fairies and fairy tale creatures. Link to the latest printing of The Golden Book of Fairy Tales (was: The Fairy Tale Book), if you've been looking for it.

    Kip, The Enchanted Cat, by Adrienne Segur Bright, DearDeer and Kit, by Adrienne Segur Bluecrest, by Adrienne Segur

    Victorian and PreRaphaelite Fairies

    Victorian Fairies: Fairy Art from Rackham, Dulac, Maybeck, Hughes, Doyle, Naiash, Fitzgerald, Simmons, and others. Victorian and Preraphaelite Fairies and Uncataloged Fairies

    Rheam - the Fairy Woods Rheam - the Fairy Woods Naish - Midsummer Fairies Elf and Fairy
    Dressing the Fairy Rabbit among the Fairies Fairies and Flowers
    Cat Among the Fairies
    Fairies and Water Babies Owl and Fairy Fairy Proposal
    In Fairyland Attacking a Bat John Anster Fitzgerald - Fairy Funeral
    Fairies Looking Through a Gothic Arch
    Warwick Goble - Mermaids and Fairies Warwick Goble - Fairies at the Cradle Sulamith Wulfing - Warning
    The Great Trout The Enchanted Forest Robin Defending Its Nest
    In a Nest
    Titania and Bottom Aase on the Mill House Roof Witches Meeting
    Bird of Paradise I Bird of Paradise II With Tulips
    Teaching Birds to Sing

    Fairy sites and resources


    Fairy Fonts

    You can download a demo version of Scriptorium's Rackham Italic in Zip format or Stuffit for MacOS. Installation instructions are included. Or try a demo version of the Rackham Goblins font: Zip format or Stuffit for MacOS.


    Fairies and Fairy Backgrounds

    I fixed the fairy backgrounds. Finally! There are a few other backgrounds that are not fairy on that page. You'll know.
    Free Fairy Backgrounds!.

    Books, Art Prints, Posters, Other Fairy Stuff

          Fairy art boxes and journals.


    Fairy Art Prints at Artsy Craftsy

    Victorian Fairy Art Prints are here.
    The Fairies have their tiffs with the birds La Belle Dame Sans Merci

    Fairies from A Midsummer Night's Dream Fairy Princess from *The Seven Wishes* (John Bauer)


    Fairy Posters

    Browse the fairy poster gallery. There are also many Arthur Rackham fairies on the Rackham Art Prints page that are not in the fairy poster gallery. But you will find fairy prints in most of the print galleries.

    You can also try a general search (by artist, subject, or title). For example, enter fairy in the box to start a generic search for fairy posters.

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    Alternatively, try a search for fairies by artist, or title, or a combination. You can also search on Preraphaelite fairies or Victorian Fairies and leave the artist box blank.

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    E-cards While you are here, you can send a friend a fairy postcard. Click on any gallery image to send it as an e-postcard to a friend.

    Fairy Books: Fairytales and Books about Fairies.

      New: Sebastian answers How did fairies get their wings?

    Fairy Name: Find your fairy name with the Fairy Name Generator.

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