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Aubrey Beardsley Victorian Parodies

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Aubrey Beardsley Art


These are the naughty images that kids like to giggle at. Actually, I giggle, too.

Aubrey Beardsley was not at home in the Victorian society in which he lived. These images poke fun at that society and its values. He did make people think. Although most of his drawing were for books or magazines seen by few people, his erotic and haunting drawings have been well known for more than a hundred years.

You can find more information about Aubrey Beardsley on the main Beardsley page. The list of Art Passions artist is on both the site map and on the home page.

Aubrey Beardsley, A Book of Fifty Drawings

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Isolde, from The Studio, 1895 Salome Lady with a Monkey Girl and Bookshop Withered Spring