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Anne Anderson Fairy Tale Art and Illustration

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Anne Anderson, The Red Shoes

Anne Anderson

Fairy Tale Art and Illustration

and Images to Color

About Anne Anderson

Anne Anderson was born in Scotland in 1874 but grew up in Argentina. Around 1892, she and her sister Grace returned to England where she had a successful career as an illustrator. Some of her illustrations appear on Royal Doulton China and are quite collectable. You can also find old postcards of her work.


Black and White Images to Color

Here are some line art PDFs you can download for your kids to color over breaks and holidays. They should fit on standard US (8-8.5 x 11) or A4 paper. To download, position your mouse over the link, right click, and choose save to disk. You need <Adobe reader to open the images. It's free.

Dwarf goes fishing (stationery, if you like)

Frog Prince 1 (stationery)

The Snow Queen (stationery)

At once they sank into the black earth (stationery)