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Arthur Rackham Art Images

New! New images added to Arthur Rackham postcards. (They'll cost less to mail, generate less trash, and they can be used for bookmarks when they're done.)

Arthur Rackham calendar: The Art PassionsArthur Rackham 2012 12-month Calendar will be available mid-October. The Arthur Rackham 15-month Calendar is available now. The months span October 2011 through December 2012.

Yes, there are Arthur Rackham images on this page! I probably have more Arthur Rackham art online than anywhere else on the net ("puffs up chest proudly"). However, this page came to load so slowly that many people experience incomplete page load. To remedy that, I've created links to subpages. All the images are still there and I have more yet to scan and post. Reading is good for you. ~XineAnn

A Fairy

Arthur Rackham's (1867-1939) haunting and dreamlike style has added to the enchantment and fantasy of the children's literature and his imitators are many.

Rackham Art Images at Art Passions

These collections include illustrations of Arthur Rackham, from Wagner's The Ring of Nibelung, Midsummer Night's Dream, Twilight of the Gods, Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, Alice in Wonderland, Mother Goose, Undine, Wind and the Willows, Gulliver's Travels, King of the Golden River and others.

Recent Additions and Changes

Girl Beside a Stream

Arthur Rackham, Girl Beside a Stream - click to see bigger

I have added many new Rackham images. Some people had trouble downloading this page because of its length, so I have moved the Alice, Gulliver, Peter Pan, and Ring sections to their own pages. So if images that were here from your last visit no longer appear on this page, they have probably been moved to their own page. There will be a link in the appropriate section. Please stay calm. :)

Newest additions: Images from The Wonder Book. Has a very nice Pandora.

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Arthur Rackham Illustrations

Images from Arthur Rackham's illustrations to The Wonder Book.

No trouble


Scaly Rascals

Mermaids with Sea Green Hair

Dragon with Three Heads

Images from Arthur Rackham's illustrations to Alice in Wonderland.

Rackham - Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland - online book with Rackham images

Images from Arthur Rackham's illustrations to J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens (with some interesting fairy marginalia).

Rackham - Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens

Images from Arthur Rackham's illustrations to Gulliver's Travels.

Rackham - Gulliver's Travels
(online book also)

Images from Arthur Rackham's illustrations to Washington Irving's Rip Van Winkle.

Rackham - Rip Van Winkle

Images from Arthur Rackham's illustrations to Wagner's The Ring of Nibelung.

Rackham - The Ring

Images from Arthur Rackham's illustrations to John Ruskin's King of the Golden River.

King of the Golden River

The Old Gentleman Reclined on a Globe

Gave the Child a Bottle

So there they lay, all three

Images from Arthur Rackham's illustrations to Mother Goose (the Old Nursery Rhymes).

Title Page

The Fair Maid who the first of Spring

Jack and Jill Went Up the Hill

Jack Sprat and His Wife

Rain, Rain, Go Away

The Old Woman Who Lived Under a Hill

As I was Going to St. Ives... (contains self-portrait)

Man in the Wilderness

A Little Nothing Woman

Bye Baby Bunting

Hark! Hark! The Dogs do Bark!

The Cow Jumped Over the Moon

Little Miss Muffet

A Ring of Roses

Images from Arthur Rackham's illustrations to A Midsummer Night's Dream

Act I, scene i : Hermia and Helena

Act I, scene ii: Quince's House

Act II, scene i: Puck and a Fairy

Act II, scene ii: Another part of the Wood

Act II, scene ii: Fairy Songs

Act II, scene ii: Oberon

Act II, scene ii: Moonlight in the Wood

Act III, scene i: Titania and Bottom

Act III, scene i: Fairies

Act III, scene ii: Puck and Lysander

Act III, scene ii: Puck

Act IV, scene i: Bottom and Titania

Act IV, scene i: The Fairy Flew Off with the Changling

Fair Helena (1909)

Images from Arthur Rackham's illustrations to Wind in the Willows.

Wind in the Willows 1

Wind in the Willows 2

Wind in the Willows 3

Wind in the Willows 4

Wind in the Willows 5

Wind in the Willows 6

Color Illustrations from Goblin Market.


Down the glen tramp little men

White and golden Lizzie stood

Laura would call the little ones

Images from Arthur Rackham's illustrations to Undine.

  • Undine outside the window

  • At the back of the little tonge of land, there lay a fearsome forest right perilous to traverse

  • A beautiful little girl clad in rich garments stood there on the threshold smiling

  • The Infancy of Undine

  • He saw by the moonlight momentarily unveiled, a little insland encircled by the food; and there under the branches of the overhanging trees was Undine

  • The Knight took the beautiful girl in his arms and bore her over the narrow space where the stream had divided her little island from the shore

  • He held up the gold piece, crying at each leap of his, "False gold ! false coin ! false coin! "

  • At length, they all pointed their stained fingers at me

  • When the storm threatened to burst on their heads, she uttered a laughing reproof to the clouds. "Come, come," saith she, "look to it that you wet us not"

  • "Little niece," said Kuhleborn, "forget not that I am here with thee as a guide"

  • Bertalda

  • "She hath a mark, like a violet, between her shoulders, and another like it on the instep of her left foot"

  • Bertalda in the Black Valley

  • Soon she was lost to sight in the Danube

  • He could see Undine beneath the crystal vault
  • Images from Arthur Rackham's illustrations to Tales from Shakespeare, and others.



    Fair Helena

    Titania & Peasebottom

    The Tempest 1

    The Tempest 2



    Widow Whitson


    Midsummer BW

    Twilight of the Gods

    Rhinegold and the Valkyrie



    Illustrations from Irish Fairy Tales

    My life became a ceaseless scurry and wound and escape

    Wild and shy and monstrous creatures ranged in her plains and forests

    He might think, as he stared on a staring horse, "a boy cannot wag his tail to keep the flies off"

    How he strained and panted to catch on that pursuing person

    Then they went hand in hand in the country that smells of appleblossoms and honey

    Sitting on a branch, she looked with angry woe at the straining and snarling horde below

    The banquet hall was in a tumult

    The thumping of his big boots grew as continuous as the pattering of hailstones on a roof

    "This one is fat," said cuillen, and she rolled a bulky Fenian along like a wheel

    He was surrounded by giant toads

    They offered a cow for each leg of her cow, but she would not accept that offer

    The Hag of the Mill was a bony, thin pole of a hag with odd feet

    Illustrations from Comus, Cinderella, English Fairy Tales, Sleeping Beauty, and elsewhere.

    Sleeping Beauty


    Trees and Fairies


    Comus 1

    Comus 2

    Cupid's Alley (detail)

    Father Christmas


    Fairy Dance 1

    Fairy Dance 2

    Fairy Lake



    Little People



    Tale 1

    Tales 2


    Complete Illustration to Feats on the Fjords (1899).

    It came nearer and nearer, and at last quite up to the can of ale"

    In the porch she found Oddo

    And that vessel, he knew, was the pirate schooner

    He sometimes hammered at his skiff

    No other than the Mountain-Demon

    At the end of a ledge he found the remains of a ladder made of birch-poles

    In desperation Hunt, unarmed as he was, threw himself upon the pirate

    It was Hund, with his feet died under his horse, and the bridle held by a man on each side

    Rackham and Fairy Backgrounds

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    fairy backgrounds, or the backgrounds directory on artpassions. I have not been diligent about updating the resource pages but please feel free to browse and help yourself.

    Other Arthur Rackham Resources

    Rackham Books

    Arthur Rackham Bookstore Books illustrated by Arthur Rackham and about Arthur Rackham, the person.

    Rackham Posters and Art Prints

    Rackham Posters Large Rackham posters are rare and costly when you do find them, although you can still find some that were printed by Paper Tiger Press in La Jolla, California, in the late '60s and early '70s. You can also find notecards with Rackham images at flea markets and have one blown up for under $25. However, alternatives, such as nicely framing a page from a Rackham-illustrated book, do work. You'll want to choose a reprint or a book in poor condition, because many Rackham books in good condition are valuable.

    Rackham Art Prints at Artsy Craftsy

    Arthur Rackham Fairies from A Midsummer Night's Dream Titania, Queen of the Fairies Serpentine - Arthur Rackham Exquisite Fairy Dancing, from Arthur Rackham's illustrations to Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens

    The above links will take you to a listing of currently available larger-format Rackham prints on fine art paper, with more to be added. Artsy Craftsy has some Rackham prints that are not available elsewhere.

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    The Scriptorium offers art fonts (sometimes called dingbats) and traditional fonts based on Rackham's work. The title image of this page shows one of his Rackham fonts. They also offer Rackham images for desktop publishing -- The filesizes of images in the collections is considerably greater than these because of the higher resolution needed for quality printing, but we were very happy with the quality of the images we purchased there.

    You can download a free demo version of Scriptorium's Rackham Italic in Zip format or Stuffit for MacOS. Installation instructions are included. Or try a demo version of the Rackham Goblins font: Zip format or Stuffit for MacOS.

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