Fairy Tale Art Images
Sleeping Beauty, by Henry Maynell Rheam

Fairy Tales are the myths we live by, evoking the imagination and teaching us the lessons of the heart. These images are from illustrations to the best loved fairy tales from Perrault and the Brothers Grimm.

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Fairy Tales

Cinderella Fairy Tales

Adrienne Segur Cinderella

Gustave Doré Cinderella 1

Gustave Doré Cinderella 2

Maxfield Parrish Cinderella 3

Edmund Dulac Cinderella 1

Edmund Dulac Cinderella 2

Edmund Dulac Cinderella 3

Red Riding Hood

Gustave Doré Red Riding Hood 1

Gustave Doré Red Riding Hood 2

Rot Mit Wolf woodcutting

Segur - Red Riding Hood

More Fairy Tale Art - by artist

More fairy tale art is available on the individual artist pages.

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Gustave Doré fairy tale art images

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Adrienne Segur fairy tale art images

Other Resources

Fairy Tale Books, Art Prints, Posters

You can try a general search (by artist, subject, or title). You can combine artist and subject; for example, enter Parrish Cinderella in the box to find posters and artprints by Maxfield Parrish with the subject of Cinderella:

or browse the poster gallery.


You can find classic editions of fairy tales with many of the artists here at: Classic Fairy Tales and Fables

Also see section below for recommended reading in fairy tale scholarship.

Fairy Tale Fonts

You can download a demo version of Scriptorium's Rackham Italic in Zip format or Stuffit for MacOS. Installation instructions are included. Or try a demo version of the Rackham Goblins font: Zip format or Stuffit for MacOS.

Suggested Reading in Fairytale Scholarship

Recommended reading list in fairytales and mythological studies. The emphasis is on mythological studies but there are several good suggestions for books on understanding dreams, myths, and fairytales.

Fairytale Education

Fairy Tales We Live By - an article on myth and fairy tales by Jonathan Young's Insights from a Cinderella Story - a film review of Ever After - A Cinderella Story by Jonathan Young

Symbolism in Fairytales

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