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Aubrey Beardsley - The Victorian Parodies

These are the naughty images that kids like to giggle at. Actually, I giggle, too.

Aubrey Beardsley was not at home in the Victorian society in which he lived. These images poke fun at that society and its values. He did make people think. Although most of his drawing were for books or magazines seen by few people, his erotic and haunting drawings have been well known for more than a hundred years.

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A Book of Fifty Drawings
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Beardsley Erotica :

Lacedomonian Ambassadors

Athenians in Distress


Black Coffee

Birth of the Calf of the Leg

Cinesias Soliciting Myrrhina

Examination o the Herlad

Eyes of Herod

Juvenal Scourging a Woman

Toilet of Lampito

Lysistrata Haranguing the Athenian Women

Lysistrata Defending the Acropolis



Mysterious Rose Garden

Salome Cover

Snare of Vintage

Rape of the Lock*

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